About Me

Where do I begin? Art was my first love in life. From the time I could hold a crayon my dad and I would spend our spare time painting, drawing and sculpting. For most of my life my art was just a hobby, something I did in my spare time, I never saw myself as an “Artist.” It wasn’t until my daughter asked me to paint her a pink horse for her room that I realized if I set my mind to it and set aside time for it I was capable of painting almost anything. In life people describe having a lightbulb moment of clarity and for me it was a pink horse for my daughter that set me off on this crazy adventure. Painting is what I love to do, the freedom, the endless possibilities, it all excites me, I feel like I am living a dream.

My Inspiration

I feel fortunate to have so much around me in life to pull inspiration from. Whether it’s people in my life, other artists, photographs or something as small as seeing a new color in everyday objects all inspire me to paint.